Sail on.

This is a lullaby that I made up for my son when he was an infant and he is now five and a half. I sing it to him and his baby sister who is twenty three months from time to time. I can only remember two verses of it,but I do have it written down on a piece of paper somewhere. A little background we live near Lake Superior I put ocean in the song though because it sounds better than lake. But that’s part of the inspiration. I use my children’s names in it because it is their song. It helps them go to sleep. So here it is.

Sail on,sail on,sail on the big blue ocean. In a little red sail boat the captain Collin Alexander Borealis and his first mate Aurora Josephine Marigold. Sail on,sail on. Sail on the vast clear waters.
To the south there is an island. To the north, the biggest brightest star. The sun will rise in the east,but in the west they will rest. So they sail on,they sail on,they sail on in their little red sail boat.
In the sky above them are a trillion twinkling stars. The moon is big and bright and it shines a light,guiding their way to the land of dreams and slumber,dreams and slumber. So they sail on,sail on,they sail on the big blue ocean in a little red sail boat.

After that and the next verse it just repeats the chorus. To the south there is an island. To the north the biggest brightest star. The sun will ruse in the east,but in the west they will rest ,so they sail on,they sail on and on and on.
Honestly sometimes I change a line or forgets verse and make something new up. They still like it though. It’s special to them. If I ever find the lost verse. I’ll share it.
Anyone else have a special song,poem or story they made for their kids?


Introduction into my life.

Hello there readers. If you are out there in the stratosphere of internet world. This is Kim or Kimberly, never Kimmy. Some family members can get away with a couple of nicknames but I  digress. A little about me.I am 38 year old mom of two children. Collin almost five . His birthday is on Friday and Aurora almost seventeen months I have been married for six  years. Our anniversary is on Harry Potter’s birthday. Wasn’t on purpose. We live in Northern Minnesota. We enjoy going out and exploring the city we live in. I am a stay at home mom and my husband Ray works two jobs to support this family. My hobbies are sewing,reading,art,gardening ,going for walks ,we like to go hiking,watching tv mostly it’s kid’s shows and occasionally playing minecraft with my son. He is home schooled right now. I actually started this post ten months ago,but got distracted and forgetful and had to change a few things. Their ages and how long we have been married. I will try not to go as long next time between blog posts. As the name suggest I also hope to add poems and short stories here. Been in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to writing.That’s it for now.